Business Model


Generation Y and e-business

E-business has taken over from traditional business in recent years with Generation Y, which has grown up with new technologies. Unlike previous generations, more accustomed to staying with the same employer, Millennials are more likely to multiply their experiences and launch their e-business. These young people are attracted to freelance work. To do this, they just need to open a business bank account and start their e-business. This is because, business accounts are used to easily track business expenses, manage cash flow and simplify the process of filing annual tax returns. There are several options to open a bank account for freelancers; visit Bank4Pro for more. E-business has become vital for such an over-connected generation.

Digital signature boosts

Today, more and more companies are dematerialising their internal procedures and using software or network solutions to exchange with their customers. Until recently, however, some tasks required more conventional means. Among them, of course, the need for signatures for a whole host of administrative formalities. Visit and discover all the software and financial solutions to make your investment a success.

Getting started in e-business

When you decide to start your business in the field of e-business, you quickly get lost and you ask yourself a lot of questions, including the famous one: Where do you start? There are so many things to do! To set up your e-business, you necessarily need to create a website and you will do online marketing to make your products or services known to your customers. The business plan and the business model are not to be neglected even if it is an e-business.

Business to Business

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Business to Consumer

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Consumer to Consumer

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

From Consumer to Business

From Consumer to Business (C2B)

Status of an
e-business company

There is no “ideal” status for your online business but some statuses stand out clearly. First of all the micro-business which is a very simplified and inexpensive status that is suitable for starting a small online sales activity. You should also choose if your entrepreneurial adventure is a secondary activity. For a more muffled activity, consider creating a SASU or SAS.

In the case of SASU, it is advisable to call in a chartered accountant.

E-business training

E-business training

E-business training by real e-business experts based on concrete examples and project ideas. Such trainings help you to improve your commercial strategy. They are well adapted to people who want to retrain or enrich their sales experience on the Internet. It is not always easy to be confronted with new sales plans without a well adapted e-commerce training.

Business model vs Business plan

The business model represents the way in which the company generates its profit, while the business plan rather describes the company’s strategy and financial expenditure for the next few years. The business model is thus at the centre of the business plan.