Electronic Signature

What is the value of an electronic signature in France?

In the beginning, commercial and business law only gave value to handwritten signatures. This had to change due to the development of e-commerce and now the legislators of French law also recognize the electronic signature as authentic. Indeed, the world…

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What documents can I sign electronically in France?

The term electronic signature may seem bleak to most people. The questions that often arise are: What is it about? How do I proceed and what documents can I sign electronically in France? The electronic signature, what does it refer…

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What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is a digital method applied to a formatted document to ensure the integrity and authentication of the author. What is the purpose of this system? An electronic signature, what is it? Unlike a handwritten signature on a…

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How secure is the e-signature?

The electronic signature is identical to the handwritten signature and enables the conformity of a document to be validated through computer systems. Advances in the digital field have amplified the phenomenon of dematerialization of paper documents and are leading the…

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