3 essential steps to create your website

How to create your website? This is the question that arises. If you're looking for the answers to this question, you've come to the right place. The 3 essential steps for creating a website will be discussed in this article.

Establishing specifications

Before any project, it is always preferable to draw up a set of specifications. The question you need to answer is: what type of site do you need? Blog, online sales site or professional site, etc. It is from your choice that you must make a list of your needs as well as the functionalities you want to bring to your site.

Domain name and hosting

First, choose your domain name. When the name you wish to have is available, you can proceed to the next step. Secondly, be aware that a site can never exist without hosting. Therefore, choosing a hosting provider is not the least of things. An e-commerce site will not be hosted in the same way as a personal blog. If we go into details, it's all about traffic (number of visits). So, if you are going to create a high traffic site, choose cloud hosting. Otherwise, shared hosting is more than enough. The choice of a hosting provider also depends on your budget. Make comparisons to find out which provider offers the best deal. However, be aware that free hosting does exist.

Selecting the right CMS or content management system

No matter what kind of website you are going to create, you will always need content. The CMS or Content Management System is the tool you will have to choose to manage them. In fact, if we translate this term into French, it means "content management system". Which CMS to choose also depends on your needs. Nevertheless, each tool has different purposes. Therefore, choose the one that will really facilitate the management of your site. By the way, some CMS offer functionalities that are compatible with all types of websites. If you have the means, choose among them. Finally, for sites that are a little complicated, such as e-commerce sites, it is best to call in specialists if you do not want to have problems. These are the 3 essential steps to create a website. If you are now asked the question: how to create a website? You know the answers.
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