Means of payment: which ones to offer on your site?

The means of payment available on the Internet have surpassed traditional means of payment. For your site, you need to follow payment trends in order to attract Internet users and develop your business. You can prioritize the conventional banks or not at the expense of your choice.

What you need to know about payment methods for your site?

Currently, when starting an internet business, it is difficult to find efficient means of payment. The question then arises which payment methods to offer on your site? The credit card is a standard solution proposed on online payments. However, it is a VISA or MASTERCARD type card. For online services, you can opt for platforms existing on the Internet. You can direct your choice towards PAYPAL or PAYONEER for example. They play the role of the bank at the international level. For a less complex payment, you can opt for a bank transfer. The latter is possible for all agents with a business bank account, visit for more about opening a business bank account.

Internet payment solutions

To make your site accessible to everyone, you can offer more than 3 different payment methods. The idea is to offer all Internet users the possibility to finalize a subscription or a purchase. It should be noted that the payment method chosen may depend on the activity in question. The framework of an online payment must be highly secure. There is the possibility of granting for a virtual bank card, this card is attached to a bank. To validate a transaction, 3D secure has an interesting protocol. Payment on the internet is possible from electronic wallet systems. Apart from PAYPAL and PAYONEER, you can also use Google Wallet. This is a service created by Google.

Determine a payment method on your site

The different payment methods to be proposed for your site should benefit from technological advances in order to adapt to the competition and current challenges. The new payments can then revolve around a virtual business bank account specially designed for internet purchases. Contactless payment is designed to make a payment from a smartphone. There are virtual cards with a free functionality offered by banks such as the blue e-card. Nowadays, there is a very common means of payment, the virtual currency, also called Bitcoin.
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