Opening a business bank account in England

To open a bank account in England on a professional basis, particularly in the context of setting up a company, it is important to know that most banks in London carry out thorough checks for both non-residents and residents. It is therefore important to entrust the setting up of your file to a trusted partner in order to obtain a validated and operational account in England. Which bank should I choose to open my bank account in England?

Choose a bank in England that will best meet your expectations

the specific characteristics of your business and your needs, it is essential to take into account the aspects listed below. You have to choose a bank in England. For more information about opening business bank account services in England, please do not hesitate to visit! However, it seems important to point out that their services are only prepaid. Moreover, transfers are often limited in number and/or value. There is no contact person and customer service is often inferior to a physical bank. So, for your project of creating a company in England, this is not the right option. On the other hand, it is perfect for a personal account.

Banks in England

The second possibility is to open a business bank account at a physical bank. It should be noted that there are many partner banks that are reliable and reputable banking institutions such as Barclays, Lloyds Bank, Santander, HSBC... Indeed, whatever your choice to open a business account in England, all partner banks are able to offer you :
  • a multi-currency account,
  • an international credit card,
  • a customer area where you can easily manage your business account from your computer, smartphone or tablet via the
  • Internet,
  • a privileged interlocutor,
  • many other services such as receiving international transfers, online payment system, virtual or physical Eftpos
  • terminals, payment by email or SMS...

Opening a business bank account in England: our business

When you choose the bank in England as your banking solution, we are committed to giving you the opportunity to have a valid UK account. If we fail, which is rare, you will receive a full refund. But to succeed, you will have to provide us with a complete file for your account to be accepted. Depending on the bank you choose, we usually need :
  • a copy of your criminal record,
  • a passport and a national identity card,
  • direct debit receipts,
  • from the old bank statements,
  • an attestation of good account maintenance from your current banker,
  • a tax notice from last year,
  • a description of your professional project with a precise turnover,
This list is far from being exhaustive and the file to be provided depends notably on the type of company you want to set up and the bank in England. We are also able to translate the files if necessary.
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