Visibility and traffic: do you know how to analyze them?

The Internet is a set of computers that communicate with each other through a common protocol, TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). There are various media for exchanging information, including websites that are the most used nowadays. As a medium of exchange on the Internet, a website must be visible and have traffic to justify its usefulness. To know the visibility of a website and its traffic, various online or downloadable tools are available on the web. The results of the analysis of most of these tools open up other referencing perspectives for website owners.

Information exchange media on the web

E-mails, file exchange software (video, audio, text, etc.) and websites are the main means of exchanging information on the Internet. Among all these means of online communication, websites are the most important. In addition to being a source of information (text, graphics, ...), a website allows for example to send emails, exchange files and chat in real time. To be visited and used, a website must be visible. How to analyze the visibility and the traffic of your website?

Know the visibility and traffic of a website

It is important to know the visibility and traffic of a website in order to improve it. The administrator of a website or its owner has a multitude of online or downloadable tools to analyze the visibility and traffic of a site. To find these tools you just have to do some research on google in order to discover for example " Google Analytics " which gives the origin of the traffic of a website, and " Google Trends " which displays the trends of the searches of the Internet users. In addition there are free or paid software such as SeeUrank or SEOscope, which give very complete analysis results. They also open other SEO perspectives for website owners.

Prospects for SEO

There are many tools to analyze the visibility and traffic of a website, and some of them give very complete results that can all be exploited when referencing a site. For example, SeeUrank allows to see the positioning of the site on several keywords, to identify blocking factors on page optimizations and to analyze the competition. If this information is well exploited, it will help to better reference a website.
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