What is a catalogue website ?

To get known, a company can create a showcase site. The showcase site, presents the company group, the history and their activity. To sell, it sets up an e-commerce site. The catalogue site is between these two categories. What does it mean? It is explained to you:

Small definition

The catalogue site is a website that aims to give maximum information about the company. In addition, it will present in detail some or all of the company's products. Through illustrated pages, it will offer to the potential customers the possibility to know the characteristics of each product of its ranges or collections. The catalogue website takes up the company's colours and respects the graphic charter corresponding to its visual identity.

An intuitive and ergonomic site

The catalogue site can be static or dynamic, but it must be simple to use for the user. An easy navigation combined with a pleasant design will make this special site more attractive to visitors. The hierarchy of the pages of the catalogue site is well understandable. Generally, it is designed to help the public to find their way around easily. The most frequent pages in a catalogue site are : The home page ,The presentation page of the company (history, objectives...), The general presentation page of the offers (products/services), A photo and/or video gallery of the realizations, A contact page, A catalogue including the products and/or services of the company The catalogue site can be built under PrestaShop as the online store or with other solutions such as Magento or Woocommerce. It is recommended to design a responsive site design so that your online catalogue is accessible on any media.

A complete and optimized catalogue

The catalogue website can include hundreds or even thousands of products. It is updated according to the release of the brand's new products. On each product, there is a unique description sheet with the most details. These texts will bring an added value to the site and improve its natural referencing. Unlike some showcase or e-commerce sites, it is not limited to the technical characteristics of the product. The catalogue site does not offer any purchase option to the visitor, but only allows him to discover the products. The Internet user can be redirected to the company's e-commerce site or to a sales platform to make a purchase. The catalogue site must be available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in order to satisfy prospects and customers. It must also be updated regularly so as not to disappoint them when they place an order.
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