Choice of keywords: an ally to optimize your position in search engines

Name of the brand, sector of activity, product range...The keywords that are likely to be used by Internet users are very varied. In any case, they all relate to the products or services provided by the company. In order to optimize the positioning of a site on search engines, it is necessary to choose the best keywords: how to choose the best keywords?

What is the use of keywords?

The answer is simple: to generate traffic on the Internet. Although this is the ultimate goal of any brand, be aware that keywords have a great influence on the positioning of the site. To launch their searches, Internet users will type in words associated with your product lines or your sector of activity. If your shop window does not include the keywords used by visitors, it may not appear on the search engine. As a result, even if your site is attractive and has rich content, it will lose visibility. Thus, working with a professional such as a webmarketing SEO or SEA agency is interesting to choose the right keywords.

How to choose your keywords?

Several tools allow you to determine the keywords to insert on your site. Among the most used means is Google adwords. This keyword generator helps you to find the right keywords and to analyze competing sites. Thanks to a better diagnosis, your site will appear on the first page of Google. Always a tool of this search engine: Google search trend. This tool helps you to identify the trend of the keywords used. It also analyzes the number of queries made by Internet users. Once your keywords are determined, work on them correctly in your content without abusing them too much to position your site well. If you are not better qualified to do this, entrust the task to a web editor. The latter will know how to highlight keywords in titles and paragraphs.

Recognizing the right keywords

Keywords are determined through several elements such as their length, the number of pages retrieved by search engines, the format of the urls...Know that they can be classified in several categories. Competitive keywords are more coveted by webmasters, because they lead to better positioning. Few sites are able to position themselves on these keywords. In addition, there are the parasitized keywords. These are those on which several sites manage to position themselves without wanting to. Certainly, this can return in favor of the showcase, but the quality of traffic generated is quite low.
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