The electronic signature for real estate professionals

The signing of a contract of sale obliges the persons concerned to meet directly with the estate agent. This often involves constraints of time and money. Fortunately, things have recently changed, real estate professionals can now propose a purchase, sale or rental of real estate with a digitally signed contract.

Real estate documents eligible for electronic signature

The electronic signature is a mechanism to ensure the integrity of a digital paper and to authenticate the author. Indeed, the electronic signature for real estate is eligible for the case of a property transaction, sale, purchase or lease. However, it is not valid in the case of authentic instruments such as notarial deeds. It can be used for rental or sale mandates, property appraisals, viewing vouchers, offers to purchase, surveys of premises, leases, various receipts and minutes relating to the property. Nevertheless, it is noted that in certain cases, such as visit vouchers, it would be more preferable to carry out a signature directly as the client will be in front of the real estate professional.

Why opt for an electronic signature?

The different types of real estate contracts that are usually printed for direct signature often incur significant printing and mailing costs and time. The electronic signature is therefore a perfect way to reduce the expenses associated with a contract of sale, purchase or lease. Depending on the service providers and the gateways presented by the real estate software used, one will then be able to access one's real estate documents anywhere and sign the contracts without time and money constraints. This approach greatly simplifies the relationship between real estate professionals and their respective clients. Generally speaking, the signature can be done remotely regardless of the client's current location.

Conditions for the validity of an electronic signature

There are 3 types of electronic signatures. The so-called "qualified" signature has the same values as an authentic handwritten signature. In order for a contract of sale or lease to be valid, it is this type of signature that must be used. This signature is generally provided by a trusted provider recognized by the EU or European Union. Also, to be valid, the electronic signature in question must follow certain criteria. It must really belong to the person intended to sign the contract by being linked to an element that can prove his identity and guarantee the security of the electronic document. It should be stressed that only real estate professionals with a qualified electronic certificate can have documents signed by electronic signature by their clients.  
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