What CMS to choose for SEO?

Are you currently looking for a quick and simple solution to manage and build your website? In this case, setting up a CMS can meet this requirement. Here are a few CMS that can help you choose the ideal CMS for SEO.

CMS for dynamic websites and blogs

Every CMS has its own particularity. Some of them are generalist and are likely to be agreed upon in different cases while others will be relevant for more specific applications. For the needs of quick updates, publication of articles, multi-handed management or interactivity for example, the ideal is to opt for Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, CMSMadeSimple, etc. Joomle and WordPress are complex CMSs that allow users to design and manage almost any type of site. Although WordPress is sometimes linked to simple blogs, it is also a relevant solution for even more complex websites and showcase sites. As for Joomla, this type of CMS is known for its complexity even if it offers full documentation. A site created with Joomla is likely to evolve towards whatever you wish. However, the learning curve is higher for users who are new to web development. These explanations allow you to know which is the best CMS for the SEO of your website.

CMS for e-commerce

For the needs of orders, delivery, payments and management of a product catalogue, it is advisable to use the CMS Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce (WordPress). A favorite of many e-merchants, the prestashop is exactly one of the most renowned e-commerce solutions on the market. Quite easy to implement and configure, it shines through the richness of its list of extensions. It offers the opportunity to build an online store in record time and at low cost. Magento is an e-commerce solution imposed as an indispensable reference worldwide. Specifically robust and exceptionally configurable, this type of CMS is primarily aimed at ambitious and complex projects requiring a certain strategic expertise and a high degree of customization. It is up to you to choose the best CMS for SEO.

Platforms for online training

When it comes to the need to create and share online training, quizzes, interactivity, certification, it is better to think about Dokeos, Ilias or Moodle. These are CMS-compliant online course platforms dedicated to learning. Apart from creating courses using integrated equipment for the use of instructors, Moodle provides the possibility of organizing training in the form of tracks which also provide it with features that are specific to the installation of any teaching device. As for the Ilias platform, it also allows the creation, through the network, of interactions between learners, teachers and teaching resources. Finally, you can choose the best CMS for SEO thanks to these presentations.  
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